Yes. On contacting our sales team with your requirements, they will send you the sample copy of the business intelligence study. The sample copies are specifically curated to offer you with comprehensive insights on the pivotal aspects pertaining to the relevant report.

    To get your hands on the document you wanted, click on our website, and identify the suitable report. Next, you can connect with our sales team at and ask for free sample copies on that study. Post that, you can get your product review call scheduled with one of our expert analysts which will ease your purchase decision.

    Our reports are rendered with an aim to provide you with a 360-degree outlook of the pertinent market. But we are always ready to address your additional queries if you have any. You can add your queries in the form provided on the description page of the report or contact us directly on our email ( or phone (+44-1173181773). Our team of experts will always be available at your assistance.

    All your research requirements are highly prioritized by our research team. Therefore, they ensure to formulate a robust customer-centric strategy before curating a report to ensure the fulfilment of your research needs. Apart from that, they team may also schedule a telephonic call with you for further discussions.

    We try to deliver the syndicate reports within 48 hours, although customized ones may require extra delivery time based on the degree of customization. Our sales representative will share the cost and delivery duration of the report after you make your purchase decision and finalize the list of deliverables.

    At AI® Market, we are constantly tracking the market with the help of our research analysts. In order to track in real time, we use artificial intelligence and web scraping techniques. Research studies or reports are updated every 6 months or a year, depending on the traction and need.

    AI® Market Research has a vast report database making it impossible for us to upload all of it as individual documents. Hence, if you fail to find the report you are seeking, feel free to connect with our sales team to discuss your research needs.

    Our company focusses on rendering customer centric reports and therefore provides lucrative pre-purchase services including-

  • 1. Free sample/demo report

  • 2. Free product review call with our expert analysts to offer you with extensive insights on the pertinent report

  • 3. Exclusive information about our discount offers and other facilities

    We try to deliver the reports by adhering to the format requested by our clients. Most of our deliverables are sent in PDF, spreadsheet, and PPT formats.

    As an emerging market research organization, we want our reports to benefit our loyal client base. Therefore, we have designed special pricing policy for students, NGOs, start-ups, and academicians so that can they easily procure our reports without burning their pockets. Please contact our sales team to get more information on this.

    Well, our business intelligence reports are integrated with comprehensive market-based data. In order to make informed business centric decisions, one needs to have extensive knowledge about every crucial market related aspect. Therefore, we do not recommend the purchase of individual report sections since it will not be of much help to our clients. But, in certain circumstances, you can place special requests to get your hands on individual report chapter/segments.

    After placing an online order, you can initiate your payment using the following options-

  • Credit Card/Debit Card-You can make your paying using credit or debit cards. We accept VISA, Mastercard and other credit/debits cards. We never fail to issue an invoice/receipt post payment.

  • Bank Transfer-You can pay by transferring the designated amount on our bank account. Once the order is placed, you will receive the invoice via email.

  • PayPal-You can also opt for PayPal as your payment option

    Payment once initiated are non-refundable from our end. Our deliverables are intangible and are wholly based on the concept of knowledge transfer. Therefore, once the client reads our report integrated with exhaustive and confidential business centric data, it cannot be returned on the pretext of refund.

    AI® Market offers hassle free ordering methods to ensure client comfort. You can place your orders via telephone or e-mail.

  • For telephonic order placement, you can connect with us on +91 883-0254358 and place your order with our customer sales representative.

  • To order via email, send your research requirements and queries on or directly you ca connect with Mr. Vishal at Do not forget to add your billing, delivery address, and preferred payment mode. You can expect a reply from our sales executive with 2-3 Hrs.

    The purpose of our reports is to empower our clients with accurate information pertaining to a particular market and enable them to make effective business centric decisions. Therefore, we provide a free post purchase analyst call lasting about 30 minutes. Through this, you can get your last-minute report related queries addressed.

    We always try to provide targeted and objective-specific studies for our client base. Most of our reports contain a holistic overview of the pertinent industry. But, in special cases, if you are dissatisfied with the content of our report or feel that it lacks the information you asked for, you can always opt for post-sale customization.


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